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What does it mean to be “blissfully bookish”?

Being blissfully bookish is a way of life, similar to the Hygge movement. It is the moment you crack open a brand new book, the comfortable blanket you are snuggled under, the steam from a cup of warm tea brushing your face, the anticipation of a plot line you can see coming but hope will change, it is engaging in literary discussions, demanding better representations in books, it is knowing you have the power to write amazing academic papers and not panicking about that next assignment. The Blissfully Bookish blog walks through all of this and more, so if you don’t feel quite that blissfully bookish yet, stick around…you never know what you could learn!

What does Blissfully Bookish offer?

Blissfully Bookish offers a variety of content to help you on your way to a more blissfully bookish lifestyle. We cover book reviews, how to write academic papers, how to navigate undergraduate and graduate school, all things library related, and we even offer some more personalized items in our shop! In a rut trying to find a new book? Looking to branch out into a new genre but don’t know where to start? Wanting to find more diverse representation in books but overwhelmed? Try any of our personalized book lists and you won’t be disappointed. Our book lists are created to be like having an at-home librarian to make solid and intellectually based recommendations based on your interests.

Occasionally, Blissfully Bookish offers bookish items as well. This may range from homemade scarves, hats, blankets, soaps (for those who love a good bath and book), or electronic downloads to help those in school. Be sure to check back to the shop often to see what is available!

I’m in library school (or want to be) and I’m overwhelmed/have questions…can you help?

Blissfully Bookish is happy to offer one-on-one tutoring sessions for those considering or already in a MLIS program. These tutoring sessions are FREE, we simply ask that you make a donation to The National Domestic Violence Hotline in an amount you deem fit, so that women, men, and their families can continue to receive support at no cost.