Attaching Your Signatures to Your Cover

The time is finally here to put all the pieces together! The time where all your hard work, blood, sweat, and tears come together for a beautiful end product. To complete this last step you will need the following supplies:


  • Cover for book
  • Signatures
  • Scissors
  • Paper (this paper can be any color. I stuck with the same brown bags I was using but you could use any color paper to help spice up your design!)
  • Glue

Once you have all of your supplies gathered, you will want to take the paper you are using to attach the cover and signatures together and measure it.

This paper will be glued to the cover of your book as well as the front page. If you lay your signature in the book, with it open (almost as if you are looking at the title page) you can measure the correct length for the paper. The paper should be as close to the edges as possible, and should be tight against the cover and pages *especially where the spine attaches*. This is what holds your pages in your book!

Once you have measured your paper, glue the page to the cover, crease it where the spine is to ensure it adheres, and then glue the other half of the page to the first page of your signature. Repeat this entire process twice to adhere both the front and back of the book!


Implementing as an activity in your library:

  • Combine this activity with the previous “signatures” activity to make for a fun filled night with two fast projects!
  • Collect scraps of colored paper that are large enough for adhering books together to save on paper costs
  • Consider purchasing scrapbook paper with fun designs to allow patrons room for creativity in their covers.
  • Have plenty of fast drying glue around. Elmer’s glue can take too long to dry and damage the smooth adherence of the paper, and hot glue can be a danger to young children and can glue bumpy as well. Test out different glues before event night! **I did use Elmer’s glue, however it required a lot of maintenance to smooth out and apply pressure on and would not transfer well to a full-sized event.**

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