Creating Book Pages: Part One

Now that we’ve created covers for our books, and made paper, it’s time to focus on creating the inside portion of our book!


  • Paper
  • Book
  • Scissors
  • Ruler if you want specific measurements (I threw caution to the wind and eyeballed my measurements.)

Steps to Trimming Pages:

  1. Fold your pages in half.
  2. Lay your book on top of the folded page and measure how much excess sticks out
  3. Trim your pages roughly 1/4 inch more than what would fit the cover.

By trimming more off the top, bottom, and sides, it allows the paper to sit inside the cover, protecting it from damage of being bumped, rubbed, and torn during travel and usage.

Repeat these steps until all your pages have been trimmed.

I planned on making signatures with 5 pages, so I created 4 sets of 5 page signatures to give me a total of 40 pages for my book! *More about signatures in Part 2*

Build a Book


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