Make Your Own Bullet Journal from Recycled Paper

This post aims to provide all the materials needed to make a book and/or bullet journal. You can find information about bullet journals at this blog post!

The outline below is based on a library or school program but is NOT the only way to run an event like this, and many of the blog posts have tips and tricks for implementing these activities in a variety of libraries! The outline below serves as a guide for those who are new to library planning or who need an idea to get started. You can also scale the materials and time frame down and do this at home by yourself or with the little ones as a fun rainy day craft!

This blog posts can help you when thinking about planning:

Strategic Planning

Our library event will span three weeks and run during the Tuesday, 12:00pm- 1:00pm time frame that students have as a free period to increase student and faculty’s ability to attend. The event will be promoted in the weekly email that goes out to all students, faculty, and staff, as well as flyers around campus and a “shout out” in the bathroom flyers. Since this is three meetings, we will begin promoting two months in advance so individuals can plan their schedule, and will also require a sign up list so that we are prepared for the number of people. Attendance at all three workshops will be required unless a student/faculty wishes to complete that weeks portion at home so that they can participate in the rest of the workshops.

Week One: Making Paper

There are two blog posts on making paper that can be located at the following links:

Staining Paper

Making Paper from Paper Bags

Our event will run in September and since the weather can be generous in September, we will have usage of outside areas. We will offer both of these as options for students to make paper for their books. Instructions on how to complete the activity and planning for the activity can be found on the individual blog posts. Discussion of what a bullet journal is, handouts with information about making books and the history of it, and photos of other handmade books will be provided during the hour.

Week Two: Making Signatures

The following blog posts offer information on making signatures and paper for your book, as well as the cover of the book. Due to the fast nature of these activities, our library will combine both the book cover and making signatures portion of this project during our one hour time slot.

Weeding = New Book Cover

Creating a Book Cover

Creating Book Pages Part One

During this weeks activities our students and faculty will create their books cover, cover art, and trim their pages made during the last weeks activities to fit the book cover. If your library has archive materials that showcase older ways of producing books, feel free to utilize these as displays to show the craftsmanship that goes in to making a book!

Week Three: Binding Everything Together

The following blog posts show how to complete the binding activities:

Creating Book Pages Part Two

Binding your Signatures Together

Attaching your Signature to the Cover

This weeks event will be the wrap up of the project, and students and faculty will get to take their completed book home with them! This days events has the potential to be the most problematic, with patrons needing individualized help with the steps of binding so be prepared to have extra staff ready to help if needed. Print outs of bullet journal examples will be floating around on tables so that those who finish early can start designing their journal until the event is complete. Our library will also design a bookmark for this event that patrons can take with them to use in the bullet journal or in their readings that says “I made my own book at (insert your library here)!”


Each blog post has a list of supplies. A lot of the items are things you can acquire from your library or from home to minimize costs for this fun event. Helpful hints and suggestions are included at the bottom of every blog for ways to shift the activities to fit your library.

I hope you enjoy making your very own books from scratch!

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