Honeybee by Trista Mateer

Thanks to Netgalley and my status as a librarian I have the opportunity to review books before they are published, or to those familiar with book lingo, to get ARC copies. These reviews will always be 100% my own thoughts and opinions and unbiased regardless of how I receive copies of books.

Honeybee  is set to launch on June 1st, 2018 and if you haven’t checked it out and added it to  your amazon cart, seriously, go do it now. 


You can pre-order the Kindle version for $3.82 or a paperback for $12.95.


Honeybee is an honest take on walking away and still feeling like you were walked away from. It’s about cutting love loose like a kite string and praying the wind has the decency to carry it away from you. It’s an ode to the back and forth, the process of letting something go but not knowing where to put it down. Honeybee is putting it down. It’s small town girls and plane tickets, a taste of tenderness and honey, the bandage on the bee sting. It’s a reminder that you are not defined by the people you walk away from or the people who walk away from you. Consider Honeybee a memoir in verse, or at the very least, a story written by one of today’s most confessional poets.” – Amazon Description


For me, poetry books need to be Rupi Kaur style or I just don’t get into them. Now before the whole poetry scene comes flooding into my inbox to tell me how much I am missing out on poetry..I get it. I know there are amazing poetry books and that I am likely missing out on some great works, but I have higher standards for my poetry readings than for say, YA apocalypse books, and I am a-okay with that.

With that said Honeybee has me missing an ex that I don’t even have.

I had low expectations of this book. Not because of anything the book did but simply because of the amazingly moving poetry of Rupi Kaur style writing I have read recently. Honeybee surpassed every notion I had of what poetry could be, and has opened me up to reading new authors and sub-genres of poetry. If a book can make me feel an emotion that I didn’t have before picking up the book, it gets a 5 star rating from me.

Favorite Passages:

Now I can say there are people I’ve slept with just because we hurt the same way.


The first time I drove through Australian bushland, I saw scorched trees twisted up towards the sky. Everything was black and brown and gray and green. There are plants there that need fire to germinate, to crack their seeds, to grow, to change. Heat thrust through the soil can stir up things that were lost years ago. Everything comes back after a bushfire.

I could start over after you.

If you like to feel emotions that are new to you, or if you’ve lost the love you thought you would have forever, or if you walked away from someone while still feeling like they walked away from you…Honeybee is for you.

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