No BookRiot, this is NOT cool

Ugh!! I can’t even believe I have to write this blog post.

Here I was, the day after a nice snow storm, catching up on some BookRiot news and I see this headline…

Doc2I really enjoy BookRiot, so I decide to cut them some slack for blasting this news article and I go directly to the original source. I had high hopes that this was just a misleading title and there wasn’t actually a library out there that was


If you read the article, you will see how they point out that it is hella illegal for patron records to be kept anymore. For instance, if you come in to a library and say

“Hmm..I really like that book I read a month ago but I can’t remember the title.”

You are S.O.L because as soon as a book is checked in, the record is wiped out. Librarians are super secret agents who protect your right to read whatever you want at all cost, and THIS LIBRARY is just handing out old patron cards like no big f*cking deal.

Now before everyone comes jumping in to my inbox with hate messages about the importance of historical records..I get it. But honestly if you were so concerned about people in the future being able to access individuals reading history, you wouldn’t be so up in arms about your reading habits being blasted.

So this is a blast at the fancy private NYC library that is giving dead people less respect than the living and showcasing their reading habits to the entire world. Congratulations!

You have disappointed every librarian.

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