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Curation Services

Please fill out the form located below with any curation purchase.

Curated List-Basic

The basic curated list includes 10 books based on a topic selected by the purchaser. These could include things such as "children's books about divorce", "young adult dystopian", "LGBT+ graphic novels" etc.


Curated List-Deluxe

The deluxe curated list includes 25 book recommendations in a similar category to the basic curated list, or 10 specialty book recommendations in categories such as "most influential history books", "British books published in the 1850's", out of print books, etc. If you are unsure if your topic qualifies for deluxe pricing please contact the site administrator.


Curated List- Library Edition

The library edition curated list provides 5 book recommendations in your desired category that are available at your local library at time of list production.



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